Membership Value

GENIVI members enjoy a collaborative community for producing reusable, feature-rich software and an expanding ecosystem for in-vehicle infotainment and the connected car. There are many benefits to becoming a GENIVI member including:

  • Being part of a collaborative community that helps automakers and their suppliers identify more efficient and cost reducing methods of producing IVI and connected car software
  • Sharing in the growing adoption of GENIVI technical solutions, which are on the road in more than 25 brand/model/year combinations on five continents
  • Gaining organizational and product visibility in a strong business network for OEM-supplier and supplier-supplier relationships. Networking through the vast Alliance membership community exposes new avenues to building contacts, partnerships and new business opportunities
  • Learning from automotive technology experts and open source veterans in building open automotive software
  • Influencing and benefitting from industry standard deliverables:
    • GENIVI Development Platform
    • GENIVI Compliance Specification
    • GENIVI Reference Architecture
    • Training and Education offerings on GENIVI deliverables, tools, and related technologies

If you are interested in knowing more about joining the alliance, please contact Steve Crumb, Executive Director.