What is GENIVI?
The GENIVI Alliance develops standard approaches for integrating operating systems and middleware present in the centralized and connected vehicle cockpit.  The alliance links adopters of Android™ Automotive, AUTOSAR, Linux, and other in-vehicle software with solution suppliers resulting in a productive and collaborative community of 100+ members worldwide.

Who participates in the GENIVI Alliance? 
Participants consist primarily of organizations engaged within the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, software, application development and related industries that are interested in the success of integrated cockpit systems and related products. Members include leading global automakers, electronic companies and vehicle component suppliers, including BMW Group, Daimler AG, Honda, Hyundai Motor Group, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, SAIC, Bosch Car Multimedia, DENSO, Harman, Green HillsLG Electronics, Wind River, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas among others.

What are the goals for GENIVI Alliance? 
GENIVI has expanded its scope from its strength in Linux-based IVI and automotive open source software and the organization’s primary goal is helping automakers integrate the multiple operating systems present in the centralized and connected cockpit.  

In support of this scope expansion, GENIVI has launched two projects:

  • Android Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) -- OEMs, their suppliers and the broader cockpit software ecosystem can discuss requirements, identify gaps and develop standard approaches towards integrating Android Automotive in the central cockpit.
  • Multi-OS Integration Project -- Helps OEMs and their suppliers ease the integration of the multiple operating systems present in the central cockpit like Android™ Automotive, Linux, AUTOSAR, QNX, Integrity™ and others The goal of these projects is to ease adoption and integration of the variety of in-vehicle operating systems in the vehicle cockpit. 

What work has been done to date with the multi-OS scope expansion project?

GENIVI has already laid a strong foundation for the new multi-OS integration scope expansion with the organization’s previous and current work in the GENIVI Vehicle Domain Interaction Strategy.  The following domain interaction projects are active and have relevance in the new integration scope:

How is work accomplished in the GENIVI Alliance? 
The majority of the work is conducted through open source projects and through technical groups and teams which define requirements, identify or build software, and perform integration of the software resulting in baselines and other demonstrators available to the industry.

Will GENIVI license its technology to non-members?
Nearly all of the technology deliverables are available publicly and are licensed with OSI-approved, open source licenses.

Do I have to join as a member to participate in GENIVI projects?
There are many advantages to being a GENIVI member.  With that said, many of the GENIVI activities are a combination of member representatives and industry experts.  All GENIVI code is openly available in the GENIVI Github repository and many other documents representing work of the alliance are also available on the resource page of the website.

What are the main benefits of GENIVI membership?
The top benefits available exclusively to GENIVI members are:

  1. Full access and insight into all work in process, providing a head-start competitive advantage
  2. Influence on the technical direction of the alliance, including the development of specifications, reference architectures, implementation guidelines, test suites, and compliance/certification programs
  3. Use of released GENIVI specifications and implementation guidelines to reduce development costs and shorten time to market
  4. Access to GENIVI test specifications and compliance/certification programs
  5. Networking through the vast alliance membership community for key contacts, partnerships, and business opportunities
  6. Opportunities to showcase your technology and competencies at GENIVI global promotional events

How can I join GENIVI Alliance?
Joining is easy. Simply complete the online application, then download, sign and return the member agreement with your payment for the appropriate amount. Read more on how to join.

Where can I get more information about GENIVI?
You can email questions to our help desk at help@genivi.org