What is GENIVI?
GENIVI is a nonprofit Alliance focused on developing an open infotainment and connectivity platform for the transportation industry. The Alliance is moving rapidly to deliver the underlying building blocks for secure and robust connectivity, accelerate innovation and development based on open software for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and devices that will connect the vehicles of the future.

What is In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)?
IVI covers entertainment and information features and functionality available in automobiles. IVI is a rapidly changing and expanding field within the automotive industry. It covers many types of vehicle infotainment applications including music, news and multimedia, navigation and location services, telephony, Internet, services and more.

Who participates in the GENIVI Alliance?
Participants consist primarily of organizations engaged within the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, software, application development and related industries that are interested in the success of IVI systems and related products. Members include leading global automakers, electronic companies and vehicle component suppliers, including BMW Group, Daimler AG, Honda, Hyundai Motor Group, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault Nissan, SAIC, Volvo Cars, Bosch Car Multimedia, Continental, DENSO, Harman, Intel, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric and Renesas among others.

What are the goals for GENIVI Alliance?
The primary goal is to reduce the challenges automakers and their suppliers face as they deliver the latest consumer requested functionality in their automobiles. GENIVI helps automakers manage the growing complexity and cost of developing IVI software and has successfully introduced open source development models to the automotive industry. GENIVI provides standards and an open source reference that accelerates innovation and delivers value for all links in the connected vehicle supply chain.

What does GENIVI deliver?
In addition to being a global community of organizations engaged in the IVI ecosystem, GENIVI has a number of technical deliverables that benefit the entire industry.  They include individual software components, standard interfaces (APIs), flexible IVI architecture, and a pre-integrated IVI middleware platform, all of which leverage open source software.

Is GENIVI technology in production?
GENIVI technology is deployed by multiple automakers in five continents around the world. Multiple commercial products leveraging GENIVI technologies are available in every major automotive geography worldwide.

What characterizes a pre-integrated, IVI middleware platform?
The GENIVI open source platform consists of Linux-based core services, middleware components that are required for IVI functionality, and standard interfaces that allow for flexible, “pick and mix” architecture of open source and commercial software products. These are the essential but non-differentiating core elements of the overall IVI solution set. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers will use this platform as their common underlying framework and add to it their differentiated products and services (the consumer-facing applications and user interfaces).

Will elements such as HMI/user interfaces and their design/styles be included in the GENIVI platform?
The GENIVI IVI platform does not address the highly competitive areas of user interfaces and logic that define the end-user experience. The alliance is built on the notion that user interfaces and logic distinguish products and should remain in the domain of the automakers that design and deliver the device and software. However, GENIVI does define standard interfaces to both applications and HMI solutions.

How is work accomplished in the GENIVI Alliance?
The majority of the work is conducted through open source projects and through technical groups and teams which define requirements, identify or build software, and perform integration of the software resulting in baselines and other demonstrators available to the industry.

What are the main benefits for the automotive industry of a reusable, open source IVI platform?
A reusable, open source IVI platform will:

  1. Speed time to market
  2. Accelerate prototyping and innovation to better deliver consumer functionality
  3. Dramatically reduce development costs
  4. Allow for redeployment of software on a variety of hardware platforms
  5. Provide code transparency and mitigate vendor lock in

What are the advantages of open source solutions over proprietary solutions?
GENIVI open technical deliverables result in a number of advantages:

  1. Allows flexible definition of IVI systems that fit customers' latest needs
  2. Supports business model evolution and networking across the supply chain
  3. Provides standard open source architectures, tools and components
  4. Allows reuse of components and redeployment of solutions

What are the compliant operating system distributions for GENIVI?
The number of compliant, commercial and open source distributions is changing constantly. For a current list, visit  GENIVI-compliant products.

What about other IVI-related groups? 
GENIVI interconnects with many industry stakeholders such as the Automotive Grade Linux Working Group of the Linux Foundation (AGL), Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), AUTOSAR, W3C, DLNA, OCF, AvNU and many others. GENIVI has performed joint development projects with AGL and with AUTOSAR. GENIVI has also worked closely with OAA to produce a standard interface to the Android Auto functionality.

Will GENIVI license its technology to non-members?
Nearly all of the technology deliverables are available publicly and are licensed with OSI-approved, open source licenses.

Do I have to join GENIVI to participate in IVI development?
While there are some advantages to being a GENIVI member, most of the GENIVI development work is done in open source projects found at projects.genivi.org. You do not have to be a member to download, use, or contribute to these software development projects. GENIVI code is open source and available to any party wishing to utilize the code to accelerate their products and knowledge.

What are the main benefits of GENIVI membership?
The top benefits available exclusively to GENIVI members are:

  1. Full access and insight into all work in process, providing a head-start competitive advantage
  2. Influence on the technical direction of the alliance, including the development of specifications, reference architectures, implementation guidelines, test suites, and compliance/certification programs
  3. Use of released GENIVI specifications and implementation guidelines to reduce development costs and shorten time to market
  4. Access to GENIVI test specifications and compliance/certification programs
  5. Networking through the vast alliance membership community for key contacts, partnerships, and business opportunities
  6. Opportunities to showcase your technology and competencies at GENIVI global promotional events

What is the derivation of the name GENIVI?
GENIVI (pronounced gen-ee-vee) is a concatenation of Geneva, the international city of peace, and the acronym IVI, for In-Vehicle Infotainment, heralding a new era of cooperation among automakers, suppliers and technology providers in the interest of streamlining the development and support of connected services to cars aligned with mobile devices.

How can I join GENIVI Alliance?
Joining is easy. Simply complete the online application, then download, sign and return the member agreement with your payment for the appropriate amount. Read more on how to join.

Where can I get more information about GENIVI?
You can email questions to our help desk at help@genivi.org