GENIVI Logos Download

GENIVI logos can be downloaded by right-clicking the download links provided below. All logos can be downloaded at once via the zip file

Download the GENIVI Trademark and Logo Guidelines document.

Note: Usage guidelines for any GENIVI logo downloaded require that you use the logo as provided and do not change, modify or break apart any portion of the logo. By downloading any of the GENIVI logos below you are agreeing that you will comply with these guidelines.

ThumbnailDescriptionFormatFile SizeDimensionDownload Link
GENIVI® Black Logo no backgroundeps553KB Download
GENIVI Black Logo no backgroundpng29KB1145x1062Download
GENIVI Black Logo white backgroundjpg64KB1509x1391Download
GENIVI White Logo no backgroundeps541KB Download
GENIVI White Logo no backgroundpng27KB1145x1062Download
GENIVI White Logo black backgroundjpg63KB1509x1391Download
GENIVI Blue Logo no background eps 1.7MB Download
GENIVI Blue Logo no background png 74KB 2550x2168 Download
GENIVI Blue Logo white background jpg 337KB 2453x2051 Download
All GENIVI® Public Logoszip1.8MB Download