The GENIVI Alliance develops standard approaches for integrating operating systems and middleware present in the centralized and connected vehicle cockpit.  The alliance links adopters of Android™ Automotive, AUTOSAR, Linux, and other in-vehicle software with solution suppliers resulting in a productive and collaborative community of 100+ members worldwide.

The alliance has built a strong a community where automotive experts and thought leaders from related industries (e.g., content providers, mobility, etc.) can collaborate to produce adoptable standards and open source code.  These collaborations are often based on industry trends that require collaborative development of solutions for increased functionality in automobiles.  GENIVI has become a community where ecosystems outside of the automotive industry can meet and leverage the global automaker and supplier network in the GENIVI membership.

GENIVI has expanded its scope from its strength in Linux-based IVI and automotive open source software to focus on helping automakers integrate the multiple operating systems present in the centralized and connected cockpit.  Several trends are driving GENIVI to pursue integration of multiple in-vehicle operating systems including ECU consolidation, centralization, domain fusion and centralized vehicle computing.

GENIVI has already laid a strong foundation for the new multi-OS integration scope expansion with the organization’s previous and current work in the GENIVI Vehicle Domain Interaction Strategy.  The following domain interaction projects are active and have relevance in the new integration scope: