The GENIVI Alliance provides standards and an open connectivity platform that accelerates innovative solutions based on open software for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems and connected vehicles. The primary goal of GENIVI is to reduce the challenges automakers and their suppliers face as they deliver the latest consumer requested functionality in their automobiles.

GENIVI has successfully introduced open source development models to the automotive industry offering a number of advantages including flexible definition of IVI and connected car solutions that fit customers' latest needs; full support of business model evolution and networking across the supply chain; and the reuse of components and redeployment of solutions. Additionally, GENIVI has fostered innovation by leveraging talent within academia and start-ups to produce software useful in an automotive context.

The primary technical deliverable from GENIVI is the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP), an open source, automotive development platform where prototypes and innovative IVI and connected vehicle solutions can be rapidly developed and tested in an open community. Other technical deliverables incorporated in the GDP are individual software components, standard interfaces/APIs, and a flexible technical architecture. The GDP equips both automotive developers and non-automotive developers with the technology tools to rapidly prototype new, innovative solutions in an automotive, embedded Linux context.

Based on GENIVI worldwide adoption and solution availability, many automakers and suppliers agree that GENIVI technologies are at the forefront of a new generation of IVI and connected car solutions.