Resource Documents

The resources page is where GENIVI® will post technical and marketing documents and other information in the form of videos, presentations, white papers, case studies, brochures and webinars. Much of this will be the output of work currently underway in the GENIVI working groups.

Historical Marketing Documents

A Brief History of GENIVI:
By Michael Kerrisk of
The first question of course is: what is GENIVI? The brief answer is that it is a consortium of companies whose goal is to define a standardized common software platform for developing in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems and to nurture a development ecosystem around that platform. IVI systems, known in the trade as head units, are the computer systems commonly found in high-end cars and commercial vehicles—and increasingly in mid-range cars and other vehicles—that provide a range of entertainment and other functions. Download Report.

GENIVI MRD (Marketing Requirements Document):
Completed in June, 2010 this document is a compilation of 72 interviews from key decision makers and subject matter experts throughout the global automotive infotainment ecosystem, as well as contributions from industry consultants iSuppli and Frost and Sullivan. Perspectives captured from the interviews include: Next generation IVI (In-vehicle Infotainment) systems launch timing, operating systems suppliers' strengths, weaknesses & projected future in IVI, costs and commercial considerations, and features and market drivers that will shape future products. This report is available exclusively for GENIVI members. For inquiries about the benefits of GENIVI membership, visit the Join section.

GENIVI Automotive Infotainment Software Architecture Report:
Also completed in June, 2010, this document is the version of the GENIVI MRD produced exclusively for the non-GENIVI member companies who participated in the creation of the report.

Summary Report:
This document is a white paper summary of the GENIVI Automotive Infotainment Software Architecture Report and is available to the general public. Download Report.

Summary Report Presentation:
This document is a presentation version of the Summary Report and is also available to the general public. Download Report.