What is GENIVI®?
GENIVI is a non-profit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform. GENIVI will accomplish this through three top-level activities: aligning requirements, delivering reference implementations and offering certification programs.

What is In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)?
IVI covers entertainment and information features and functionality available in automobiles. IVI is a rapidly changing and expanding field within the automotive industry. It covers many types of vehicle infotainment applications including music, news and multimedia, navigation and location services, telephony, internet services and more.

Who is part of the GENIVI Alliance?
GENIVI is open to and consists primarily of organizations engaged in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, software, application development and related industries that are interested in the success of IVI systems and related products.

What are GENIVI's goals?
GENIVI's objective is to foster a vibrant open-source IVI community by:

  1. Delivering a reusable, open-source platform consisting of Linux-based core services, middleware, and open application layer interfaces
  2. Engaging developers to deliver compliant applications
  3. Sponsoring technical, marketing, and compliance programs.

What characterizes an IVI open-source development platform?
The GENIVI open-source platform consists of Linux-based core services, middleware, and open application layer interfaces. These are the essential but non-differentiating core elements of the overall IVI solution set. Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers will use this platform as their common underlying framework and add to it their differentiated products and services (the consumer-facing applications and interfaces). GENIVI is identifying these common automotive infotainment industry requirements to establish a higher baseline from which to develop products for the common good of the ecosystem.

Will elements such as HMI/user interfaces and their design/styles be included in the GENIVI platform?
The GENIVI IVI platform does not address the highly competitive areas such as user interfaces and logic that define the end-user experience. The alliance is built on the notion that user interfaces and logic distinguish products and should remain in the domain of the vendors who design and deliver the device and software.

How is GENIVI's work accomplished?
The majority of GENIVI's work is conducted through the technical and marketing teams and their respective work groups. The Program Management Office develops and monitors the technical working plan of the alliance, including requirement collection and specification development, adherence to IPR policies and processes, testing and release of reference implementations, and adoption and compliance activities. The Marketing Team develops the alliance marketing plan, manages internal and external communications, and facilitates programs that bring greater awareness to the alliance and its deliverables. See the full list of GENIVI groups and teams.

What are the main benefits for the automotive industry of a reusable, open-source IVI platform?
A reusable, open-source IVI platform will:

  1. Speed time to market
  2. Accelerate innovation and increase perceived value
  3. Reduce development costs dramatically
  4. Provide a basis on which to cultivate the IVI ecosystem
  5. Provide code transparency and mitigate vendor lock-in.

What are the advantages of open-source solutions over proprietary solutions?
An open-source IVI platform provides three key benefits:

  1. A common target for software developers seeking to enter the automotive domain. The current fragmentation means that the automotive OEMs must trigger the development and the software developer must accept that the potential product volume is limited. A consistent platform deployment would address both of these limitations.
  2. Multi-sourcing of a consistent but commercialized software platform. GENIVI intends to become the upstream feed for the commercialized products. GENIVI will encourage multiple commercial distributions to provide the 1st tiers and OEM with compliant alternatives.
  3. Transparency and an unprecedented level of access during development. A combination of consistency and visibility will enable a structured approach to product validation that will drastically improve efficiency across the value chain.

What are the compliant Operating System (O/S) distributions for GENIVI?
MeeGo IVI, which has transitioned to Tizen, Mentor Graphics IVI, MontaVista IVI, Ubuntu Remix IVI and Wind River IVI are the 5 distributions which have been certified and registered as GENIVI Compliant. Additional distributions, as they are certified and registered as compliant will be announced periodically. Read more details on GENIVI-compliant products.

Does GENIVI have a product certification program?
Yes. Its product certification is referred to as the GENIVI Compliance Program.

Will GENIVI license its technology to non-members?
This is under discussion.

Who should join GENIVI?
All organizations engaged in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, software, application development and related industries that are invested in the success of IVI systems and related products and services.

What are the main benefits of GENIVI membership?
The top benefits available exclusively to GENIVI members are:

  1. Full access and insight into all work in process, providing a head-start competitive advantage.
  2. Influence on the technical direction of the alliance, including the development of specifications, reference architectures, implementation guidelines, test suites, and compliance/certification programs
  3. Use of released GENIVI specifications and implementation guidelines to reduce development costs and shorten time to market
  4. Access to GENIVI test specifications and compliance/certification programs
  5. Networking through the vast alliance membership community for key contacts, partnerships, and business opportunities
  6. Opportunities to showcase your technology and competencies at GENIVI’s global promotional events.

What is the derivation of the name GENIVI?
GENIVI (pronounced gen-ee-vee) is a concatenation of Geneva, the international city of peace, and the acronym IVI, for In-Vehicle Infotainment, heralding a new era of cooperation among automakers, suppliers and technology providers in the interest of streamlining the development and support of connected services to cars aligned with mobile devices.

How can I join GENIVI Alliance?
Joining is easy. Simply download, sign and return the member agreement with your payment for the appropriate amount. Read more on how to join.

Where can I get more information about GENIVI?
You can email questions to our help desk at help@genivi.org