Board and Officers

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Philippe Gicquel
General Manager for Cockpit, Safety, Infotainment EE Modules
PSA Peugeot Citroën.

Philippe Gicquel has over 18 years experience in automotive engineering in several departments. He started his career in Sept 1992 in BIW& Equipment design department of Citroën where he has been in charge of doors, hood, tailgate design for "Xsara" model. He quit Citroën in 1996 and started for EDAG, a German company, specialized in automotive engineering. He was in charge of the French subsidiary of EDAG. At this time, EDAG designed as subcontractor the combi version of Peugeot 206. (206 SW) In September 2002, Philippe Gicquel went back to PSA Peugeot Citroën. After two years in charge of engine and road noise in the NVH department, he worked on vehicle development process and simulations tools, and then, in October 2006, started as General Manager for Safety and Durability Specifications and Tests. In Sept.2010, he took his actual position in Electrical and Electronic Systems Direction.

After graduating from "Ecole Centrale Paris" in June 1991, Philippe Gicquel worked for one year (as national duty) for French national agency in charge of atomic energy. (CEA)

Chairman of the Board
Graham Smethurst
General Manager, Infotainment and Communication Systems
BMW Group

Graham began his career in telecommunications, transferring to the automotive industry in 1989. During 11 years with Rover Group in the UK he was responsible for the successful delivery of many diverse projects ranging from embedded electronics to information technology solutions for vehicle diagnostics and electronic system design. From March 1998 to 2000 he was Head of Vehicle Information Systems at Rover Group. Following the sale of Rover by BMW Group in 2000 he transferred to BMW A.G in Munich to lead the development of the Car Communication Computer launched in the 5 series in 2003. Between 2003 and 2006 he led the team that defined the infotainment system launched in the new 7 series in 2008. Over the last 2 years he has been the BMW Group representative in an industry collaboration investigating the feasibility of alternative approaches to the delivery of automotive infotainment solutions. The target of the collaboration being a method to ensure the sustainable delivery of consumer based infotainment functionality within the technical and commercial constraints of the automotive industry.

Secretary and Treasurer
Kyle Walworth
Vice President, Automotive Solutions and Strategy
Symphony Teleca

Kyle Walworth is the Vice President of Automotive Solutions and Strategy for Symphony Teleca, responsible for the global solution development and life-cycle management, product strategy and product planning. Walworth has been an active member of the GENIVI Alliance since its inception, as an Officer on the Board of Directors between 2009 and 2013.

Walworth has over 20 years of experience in automotive engineering and management. Prior to his current position, Walworth worked for Visteon Corporation as Associate Director of global hardware and software architectures. He was responsible for the designs of multiple product lines, including infotainment head units, instrument clusters, connectivity modules, analog/digital radios, climate control heads and amplifier systems. Walworth also managed the development of all infotainment-related subsystems including tuner and media. His background and experience provides a unique perspective on the complex electro-mechanical and software interactions in today's consumer electronic products.

Before joining Visteon, Walworth worked for Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. At Ford, Walworth held positions in product development focusing on electric vehicle power supplies and interior electronics. At GM, he worked in product development for cruise controls, instrument clusters, mass airflow sensors, throttle bodies and exhaust systems.

Walworth holds bachelor degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from GMI Engineering and Management Institute (known today as Kettering University). He also earned a master's degree in electrical engineering - with a concentration in wireless and electro-magnetics - from Stanford University.

Board Member
Alwin Bakkenes
Pelagicore AB

Alwin Bakkenes is the CEO of Pelagicore. Pelagicore develops and delivers software products and services for GENIVI compliant automotive infotainment systems and is engaged in the deployment of multiple GENIVI compliant products into production. With offices in Gothenburg and Munich, Pelagicore works with leading OEMs and Tier-1s for base platform, middleware and UX development.

Alwin joined Pelagicore from Volvo Car Corporation, where he was Director Driver Information and Infotainment for multiple product generations and held responsibility for strategy and development of all cockpit electronics including Instrument clusters, Infotainment Systems, Switches and HMI.

Prior to Volvo Cars, Alwin held leading positions in companies related to wireless services and Telematics such as WirelessCar and Smarttrust. Alwin holds a Masters degree in Knowledge Engineering and Information Technology from Middlesex University in the UK.

Board Member
Dr. Thomas Hollmann
Vice President R&D Infotainment and Connectivity
Continental Automotive GmbH

Thomas Hollmann is currently responsible for the global Engineering in the business unit Infotainment & Connectivity at Continental. In this business unit Continental develops and produces systems for all vehicle categories and all major customers globally. The product portfolio includes radios, connected radio & entry navigation, multimedia systems, embedded telematics units as well as device connectivity. He is working for Continental since 2011.

Thomas studied Electrical Engineering with a focus on communications technology at the University of Dortmund. There he wrote his dissertational thesis with a subject on improved television systems. In 1994 he began his career in the consumer electronics industry and joined THOMSON Multimedia leading for 5 years the development of algorithms and integrated circuits for signal processing in TV receivers to improve image quality. He moved to the automotive industry in 1999 when he started at Delphi. As engineering and site manager in the Mobile Multimedia design center and for the division Electronics & Safety he held several positions in the R&D organization also being responsible for Delphi’s navigation product development in Europe.

Board Member
Matt Jones
Head of Future Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover

Matt Jones serves as the Head of Future Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), and is actively leading the push for open infotainment standards and leading-edge features being deployed rapidly to JLR’s customers. To this end, he is actively working with Linux and the open source community in a multitude of projects. Based at JLR’s newly-established Research and Development Center in Portland, Oregon which is dedicated to developing Open Software for the automotive sector, his teams in the U.K. and Portland are responsible for the specification and roll-out of the latest generation of Linux-based Infotainment system.

Board Member
Marek Neumann
Director, Automotive Solutions
Intel Corporation


Board Member
Rainer Oder
Managing Director
XS Embedded GmbH / Mentor Graphics

Rainer Oder began his professional career at XSYS, Germany during his university time at the Fachhochschule Furtwangen. After spending time in Scotland focusing on 3D real-time programming, Rainer returned to Germany to finish his Diploma and earn a Master of Science degree. Rainer joined HARMAN Automotive Division and worked as a Software Engineer and System Architect for navigation applications. He gained experience in the North American Market during his time in Detroit, where he managed the navigation department for North America. After his return to Germany, Rainer successfully directed major OEM programs and broad current state-ofthe- art programs to market. Today, Rainer is a Managing Director at XS Embedded, Germany.

Board Member
Anup Sable
Executive Sr VP, Automotive and Engineering
KPIT Technologies Limited

Anup heads the Automotive & Engineering Business Unit at KPIT – A Global product engineering partner to the automotive industry.
An Executive Council Member at KPIT, Anup is instrumental in leading the technology and business innovation for the Automotive & Engineering Business. His keen sense for technology trends, customer challenges and global implications has helped KPIT build a range of solutions and products which bring value to the Automotive Ecosystem across the globe.
Passionate about the technology that goes inside the car, Anup began his career as a research engineer at the Automotive Research Association (ARAI) in India. In his last 20 years at KPIT, Anup has led the efforts in setting up the Automotive Business through a series of organic and inorganic growth initiatives. These efforts continue to help recognize KPIT as a global leader in Automotive Electronics and Engineering Design. Under his leadership, the Automotive business has grown to a team of 2800+ across the globe, contributing 30% percent to the company’s revenue, clocking industry best growth rates.
Anup describes himself as an inquisitive techie, who has experimented with every form of electronics since his school days. Eloquent & analytical, he is a frequent speaker at national & international forums, on automotive technologies that addresses customer challenges. Anup also is on the panel of Bureau of Indian Standards to champion Intelligent Transportation Systems adoption in India.

Board Member
Peter Schönenberg
General Manager,
Architecture ConnectedDrive, Infotainment and Communication Systems
BMW Group

After graduating from the university of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Diplom-Ingenieur Peter Schönenberg started his career at Parametric Technology Corporation as a Software Engineer working on engineering and product data management applications.

In 1999 he joined BMW Group where he has been responsible for numerous projects. These range from information technology solutions for vehicle programming & software logistics to the introduction of Ethernet as a vehicle system bus. More recently, he has lead the team coordinating the in-vehicle electronic and electrical architecture.

Today Peter is responsible for the product definition and architecture of the infotainment domain and for defining and delivering the platform for IVI systems of the future.

Board Member
Dr. Andree Zahir
Vice President, Head of Engineering Business Unit AI (Automotive Navigation and Infotainment Systems)
Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH

Since 2011, Dr. Andree Zahir is the Head of Engineering responsible for the Business Unit Automotive Navigation and Infotainment (AI).

After graduation from Stuttgart University he did his Ph.D. in the area of photovoltaic systems engineering. Straight after receiving his Ph.D. Andree began his career in Product Management of Embedded Software at Robert Bosch subsidiary company ETAS where he developed real-time simulation systems and real-time operating system kernels for embedded control units. Andree was instrumental in writing the OSEK OS and OSEK TT-OS specifications within OSEK and ISO standardization.

In early 2002 he moved to Blaupunkt GmbH and took over the responsibility of advanced engineering and later of the Software development organization for Driver Information Systems. In his position he prepared and implemented the launch for one of the first OMAP based infotainment platforms.

From 2005 to 2010 he was Vice President at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions in India. In Bangalore Andre headed Bosch electronics and SW development activities for power train applications and was heavily engaged in getting the spin-off location jump started from 0 to 2000 engineers in only 4 years time.

Back at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia (CM) in 2010 he took over the domain responsibility for Software development as well as the project management at a CM key account.

Besides GENIVI he is board member of ADIT (Advanced Driver Information Technology), a multinational joint venture of DENSO and Bosch.

Board Member
Roberto Zompi
Advanced Engineering Manager for Infotainment and Navigation
Magnetti Marelli

Roberto Zompi is the Advanced Engineering Manager for Infotainment and Navigation at Magneti Marelli. Roberto tracks market and technology trends and investigates new technologies to define the product roadmap strategy. He leads detached prototyping programs to build proofs of concept.

Roberto started in Telematic Services and Navigation 15 years ago in Magneti Marelli with responsibilities ranging from Product and Program Management to Innovation. He spent 4 years in Targasys, a Telematic Service provider, in charge of R&D management. In 2006 Roberto led the development of the first infotainment platform based on Linux in the Magneti Marelli Innovation department.

Prior to joining Magneti Marelli, Roberto was R&D manager at ISI, an Italian company dealing with inertial systems for defense and aerospace systems.

He earned a degree in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino and a Masters degree in Software Engineering in Ivrea Olivetti Master School.