GENIVI® Compliance Program

The GENIVI compliance program provides a set of specifications for GENIVI member companies to measure their products and services. Those that meet the specifications may be registered as GENIVI compliant and listed on the GENIVI website.

Why is this important? Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are now making GENIVI compliance a requirement in their requests for proposals (RFPs) for new In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. To respond to these RFPs, software suppliers (and their sub-suppliers) need to have demonstrated that they can produce products and services that meet this compliance requirement.

The new compliance program provides standardizations that allow developers to deliver implementations that will run on all GENIVI compliant distributions. The compliance program also:

  1. Allows multiple distributions to be compliant
  2. Allows for different versions of components, allowing diversity while still being compliant
  3. Allows a component or group of components to be replaced with other open source or proprietary implementations that satisfy the compliance criteria.

In short, the GENIVI compliance program provides a straightforward way for member companies to determine and register their compliance, and for OEMs and Tier One suppliers to 'short list' compliant offerings and simplify their vendor selection process.

For more information about GENIVI, review the GENIVI FAQ and other GENIVI Resource Documents.