GENIVI® Compliance Programs

There is no better time than now to get started with the GENIVI compliance programs. Built on years of experience in In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) development and on industry best practices in software compliance, the programs are intended to not only benefit GENIVI member organizations, but also to bring value to buyers and sellers in the automotive IVI ecosystem.


  • Offers OEMs a short and growing list of compliant offerings to simplify the vendor selection process
  • Allows software suppliers to answer RFPs with confidence knowing their products meet GENIVI’s compliance standards sought by many OEMs and other buyers
  • Ensures products from suppliers meet GENIVI requirements for supply chain quality and adhere to standard APIs
  • Clarifies what is expected for GENIVI members wishing to align their offerings to an industry standard
  • Gives developers a blueprint for delivering implementations that will run on all GENIVI compliant platforms
  • Includes any software supplier by offering compliance at the full platform, individual component, package or application levels

GENIVI Compliance Programs

GENIVI Compliant™ software platform is composed of the standardized, commodity IVI functionality including the product-specific variations. Works with GENIVI™ is composed of additional functionality that is compatible with the platform software including functionality beyond the software platform scope (e.g. applications and HMI) and within the software platform scope (e.g. implementations of components in the platform).

While they benefit the entire automotive industry, the GENIVI compliance programs are currently for GENIVI members only. For more information on joining GENIVI, please visit

Questions about the GENIVI compliance programs may be sent to

To learn more about the benefits of the GENIVI compliance programs to buyers and sellers, please view the brochure.