Works with GENIVI™ - Get Started

Is it time for you to benefit from a standards-based approach and reduce your risks associated with software integration by registering your individual software components, packages, or applications that run with compliant platforms as Works with GENIVI™?

To participate in the program, organizations must first be members of the GENIVI Alliance. To join the GENIVI Alliance, simply follow the steps outlined here:

Once membership is secured, the component compliance process of self-registration and submission is followed as is illustrated below.

Works with GENIVI Submission Process


  • Applicant verifies that their software product fulfills a target portion of the GENIVI Compliance Specification.
  • Applicant fills out the portion of the GENIVI Compliance Statement relevant to the candidate software component, obtains the dependency graphs, and submits them for review.
  • Reviewers assigned by GENIVI clarify all questions related to the submission with the applicant.
  • GENIVI decides whether the registered software meets the requirements.
  • On applicant’s discretion, compliant products are listed under