Why Become a GENIVI® Member?

GENIVI membership provides many benefits to new and existing members.

The GENIVI Linux-based open-source IVI platform has been broadly and rapidly adopted within the industry. These new GENIVI-compliant platforms are driving significant cost reductions and faster development cycles for original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs’) infotainment systems.

Numerous alliance-member OEMs have GENIVI-compliant projects under development with launch dates swiftly approaching. A new ecosystem to support these solutions has evolved and is growing steadily, providing new opportunities for OEMs and IVI supply chain organizations to benefit.

Along with the advantages provided to the OEMs and supply chain organizations, GENIVI membership provides the following benefits:  

  1. Full access and insight into all work in process, providing a head-start competitive advantage.
  2. Influence on the technical direction of the alliance, including the development of specifications, reference architectures, implementation guidelines, test suites, and compliance/certification programs
  3. Use of released GENIVI specifications and implementation guidelines to reduce development costs and shorten time to market
  4. Access to GENIVI test specifications and compliance/certification programs
  5. Networking through the vast alliance membership community for key contacts, partnerships, and business opportunities
  6. Opportunities to showcase your technology and competencies at GENIVI’s global promotional events.

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