How To Secure The Connected Automotive Ecosystem

April 4, 2018, 10:00am – 11:00am EST zone
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As shown in multiple high-profile attacks, connected automotive systems are an attractive target for malicious actors attempting to gain physical control of a vehicle. These systems serve as a gateway for attackers to access and compromise critical safety controls. Unfortunately, traditional information security practices developed for corporate environments are inadequate for the complexities of connected and autonomous vehicles. In this free 60-minute webinar, Dave Butler of Uber ATG and Stacy Janes of irdeto will discuss modern vehicles’ evolving attack surfaces and their connected ecosystems, how FASTR and its members think about security throughout the ecosystem, and the unique challenges presented by open source in vehicle components.


Dave Butler (Uber)
Dave Butler is a senior security engineering manager for Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, where he oversees the security of self-driving vehicles including corporate security, secure development lifecycle, and infrastructure security. Prior to Uber, he managed security for the multi-vendor and diverse IoT ecosystem for Netflix. Butler has also served in engineering roles at Amazon, Texas Instruments, and HP. His code and designs run in hundreds of millions of devices found in offices and households worldwide. Butler currently holds more than a dozen U.S. patents covering deeply embedded technology, radio frequency, and security.

Stacy Janes (irdeto)
Stacy Janes has a Bachelor of Computer Science and brings 25 years of experience in the software security industry as a software developer, architect, security analyst and ethical hacker. He is currently the chief security architect for Irdeto’s automotive security solution, Cloakware for Connected Transport, which he is also a co-founder of. In his role at Irdeto, before co-founding Cloakware for Connected Transport, Mr. Janes was the global leader of Irdeto’s security team which is responsible for both internal and external projects to evaluate security levels of embedded and mobile. Stacy also serves as the Security Team Lead for GENIVI’s security team.