WEBINAR: Connected Cars Need Connectivity - and More
July 13, 2016

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The promise of truly connected cars rests not just on connectivity, but on the exchange of data between the car and other devices and services in a simple, robust and secure manner. The race is on as key automotive stakeholders continuously enhance software and integrate new technology. Additionally, some OEM's and industry groups are looking to open source technology to handle authentication, authorization, discovery and data exchange between services in a sparely connected peer-to-peer transportation network.

This webinar will explore the need for common communications channel, including the advantages of open source software in rapidly developing intellectual property and encouraging collaboration towards automotive connectivity solutions. Matt Jones, director of Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover, will showcase the Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) project, an emerging software-based technology essential to the connected car, including remote data logging, secure software over-the-air (SOTA) updating and smartphone application control of certain in-car features.

Host/Moderator:  Matt Jones, Director of Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover



Director of Future Technology
Jaguar Land Rover

Matt Jones serves as the Director of Future Technology at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), President of the GENIVI Alliance, and is a Board Director of the Linux Foundation. He is actively leading the push for open infotainment and systems standards, that enable the rapid creation of leading-edge features across industries. To this end, Matt is actively working with Linux and the open source communities through a multitude of projects.

Based in JLR’s newly-established Research and Development Centers in Portland, Oregon, that are dedicated to developing Open Software for the automotive sector and accelerating the growth of start-ups through the JLR Tech Incubator, his teams in the U.K. and Portland are responsible for the specification and roll-out of the latest generations of Linux-based systems.