WEBINAR: Architecting The Secure Connected Car
Jan 28, 2016

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Today all types of vehicles are becoming increasing connected to the internet and participating material in the emerging Internet of Things. As they become more “wired” those connected cars, trucks and other transportation systems find themselves in the crosshairs of cybercriminals and their arsenal of exploits and malware. However, in automotive as elsewhere, the state-of-the-art seems highly reactive, addressing new threats as they occur, essentially “fighting the last war.” While incremental remediation is the order of the day, members of the automotive ecosystem need to invest in a mix of new architectures and best practices today for securing the connected car of tomorrow.

This webinar, presented by the GENIVI Alliance, will review challenges faced by existing automotive systems architectures and attributes, including system configurations, wireless connectivity, insecure software updates, and presumptions of physical security. It will examine emerging architectures and technologies for developing and deploying more secure In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and control systems, including stronger isolation/virtualization, application firewalls and network security.  Finally, webinar participants are welcome to provide their vision for building the most secure vehicles possible, including autonomous solutions, in today’s shifting and treacherous cybersecurity landscape.

Moderator:  Bill Weinberg, Senior Director, Linux Pundit

Panelist #1: Joel Hoffmann, Open Platform Marketing Manager, Renesas

Panelist #2: Ofer Ben-Noon, CEO, Argus Cyber Security

Panelist #3: John O'Connor, Principal Architect, Irdeto



Principle Analyst & Consultant
Linux Pundit

Bio: Bill helps Fortune 1000 clients create sound approaches to enable, build, and securely deploy open source software across the enterprise, in the cloud, and on intelligent devices.   With a career spanning over thirty years, Bill’s expertise bridges open source business and technology, development tools, application and system security, mobile/embedded software, and the Internet of Things.  

Prior to Black Duck, Bill ran his own open source consultancy, Linux Pundit.  Earlier, as General Manager of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, he worked to establish standards for mobile telephony middleware.  As a founding team-member at MontaVista Software, he pioneered Linux as leading platform for intelligent and mobile devices, and  as Senior Analyst at OSDL (today, the Linux Foundation), he ran Carrier Grade and Mobile Linux initiatives and worked closely with foundation members and open source community participants.


Panelist #1:
Open Platform Marketing Manager at Renesas

Bio: Joel Hoffmann is a seasoned professional Over 30 years of experience developing new markets, with heavy focus on automotive software and open development concepts in the Connected Car segment. He is currently developing and executing open software marketing strategy for the largest automotive silicon supplier, Renesas Electronics. 

Previously, Joel held a longstanding career with Intel, where he served in numerous positions of increasing seniority. Most recently, from March 2011-February 2015, he served as an Automotive Strategist for the Intel Automotive Solutions Division where he successfully grew the first open automotive software consortium, GENIVI Alliance, as Director of Marketing and Intel representative to Board. Additionally, he expanded Intel’s automotive industry influence from #3 to #1 on the Connected Car topic through social media, interviews and public showcases worldwide


Panelist #2:
Co-Founder CEO at Argus Cyber Security

Bio:  Ofer Ben-Noon is a Co-Founder and CEO of Argus. Ofer is a passionate entrepreneur with vast cyber security experience who previously served as Captain in the Israeli IDF intelligence unit 8200. Ofer has previously co-founded CampusVille and took part in two Israel Defense Prize winning projects.  Ofer holds a B.A. with honors in Computer Science from IDC, including Management and Entrepreneurship studies at Wharton, UPenn.Ofer is also a graduate of the prestigious “Zell” entrepreneurship program.


Panelist #3:
Principal Architect at Irdeto

Bio: John O’Connor is the Principal Architect for Software Security Technology at Irdeto and a leading security expert in renewable software security.  During his time at Irdeto John has held a number of key roles such as System Architect for Platform Security technology,  as well as the Technical Lead for the Security Assurance team, Irdeto’s ethical hacking team. Prior to working at Irdeto, John has worked for Trolltech and Sun Microsystems.  John has a M.Sc. in Security and Forensic computing and a B.Sc. in Computer Applications from Dublin City University.