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In the few years since the GENIVI Alliance introduced Linux and open source software as alternative elements of commercial in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions, the market has enjoyed a growing base of IVI products and services which use GENIVI technologies.

This catalog informs automakers and their suppliers about this growing base of products and services available from an increasing number of suppliers in all major automotive geographies worldwide.

The catalog is constantly changing as new suppliers join and as current suppliers update their solution offerings, so revisit this information regularly.

How to Use the Catalog

The content of this catalog includes supplier name and brief description, types of solutions available from the supplier, GENIVI compliance status and the geographies in which those suppliers market their solutions. 

Solution Categories include:

Full, “Black Box” IVI solution – Supplier offers packaged, fully integrated hardware/software combination based on GENIVI technologies in the form of a “black box” solution. 

Full, Custom IVI solution – Supplier offers the ability to produce a customized, fully integrated hardware/software combination based on GENIVI technologies from customer-provided requirements.

Packaged or Custom IVI Software Platform – Supplier offers a packaged or customizable, commercial IVI software platform based on GENIVI technologies for use in developing an IVI product

Individual IVI Software Components – Supplier offers individual software components based on GENIVI technologies either pre-packaged or customizable using customer requirements

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