Proposing a new Project

While GENIVI is not a generic project hosting service such as SourceForge or github, we welcome new projects which align to open source development of automotive, in-vehicle infotainment, and related solutions.  As an organization committed to free and open software development, GENIVI hosted projects are not “owned” by GENIVI and GENIVI makes no warranty as to the fitness or usefulness of the code developed in GENIVI projects.  GENIVI is simply providing a service to the automotive industry and adjacent industries involved in IVI-related technologies by offering a hosting infrastructure for open source projects.  GENIVI requires, however, each project to have an identified maintainer, an assigned FOSS license, and a “community” of developers (numbers are not as important as activity) to ensure the project has an opportunity for success.

GENIVI projects offer the necessary tooling to collaboratively develop software under a FOSS license.  If you or your company has a code base that you believe might benefit from being hosted as a GENIVI project, please fill out the Project Proposal form [ PDF | ODT ] and return it to  Questions about GENIVI hosted projects may also be sent to this same address.

A GENIVI team will review submitted project proposals and reply with an approval and set of next steps, clarifying questions, or a notice of non-acceptance. The criteria by which GENIVI’s approves proposed projects can be found in the GENIVI Project Acceptance Criteria.