Guidelines for Getting Your Project Accepted by GENIVI

The below is a brief list of criteria GENIVI uses to approve new project proposals. Note that all projects, regardless of maturity, are important and serve GENIVI in the advancement of the mission to produce open source, IVI software.

GENIVI Hosted Projects

GENIVI hosts open source code projects for a number of different reasons:

  • An individual or organization may have code that represents an innovative approach that may apply to the IVI ecosystem
  • An individual or organization may have IVI software that has not matured and needs further community-based development
  • An individual or organization may have code that applies to a different industry (e.g., handset) and that needs a home in the automotive community
  • An individual or organization has mature code that is a candidate for GENIVI‚Äôs compliance specification

As an "upstream first" organization, GENIVI does not expect to host all projects that contain IVI software. GENIVI simply provides a home for projects not already accessible publicly and that are specifically geared to an automotive community.

To request a new project to be hosted by GENIVI, the contributor should read about Proposing a new Project (hyperlink to Proposing a new Project).

The criterion for accepting a new GENIVI Project includes:

  • Completeness of the New Project Proposal Document
  • Consistency with GENIVI Scope definition (i.e., it is within the technical domain of automotive and/or IVI software development)
  • Commitment by an individual to serve as the maintainer and to follow basic project principles of transparency, respectful collaboration, and FOSS licensing best practices
  • Commitment by other developers to actively progress the project software toward a desired functionality.