Multi-OS Integration in the Centralized Vehicle Cockpit

GENIVI has expanded its scope from its strength in Linux-based IVI and automotive open source software to focus on helping automakers integrate the multiple operating systems present in the centralized and connected cockpit.  GENIVI is also convinced of the growing importance of vehicle to cloud connectivity.  Several trends are driving GENIVI to pursue integration of multiple in-vehicle operating systems including ECU consolidation, centralization, domain fusion, centralized vehicle computing and vehicle-cloud computing. 

GENIVI has projects focused on these important trends:

  • Android Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) -- OEMs, their suppliers and the broader cockpit software ecosystem can discuss requirements, identify gaps and provide an aligned, community voice for discussion with the Google Android Automotive team.
  • Hypervisor Project -- The usage of virtualization in vehicles continues to expand.  GENIVI, in collaboration with hypervisor vendors, has developed an Automotive Virtualization Specification.
  • Cloud & Connected Services Project -- Vehicle data definitions and vehicle-to-cloud reference architecture are the two primary deliverables of this project.