GENIVI All Member Meeting & Open Community Days

May 9-11, 2017 / Birmingham, UK

Advancing Connected Vehicles in a Connected World


GENIVI is pleased to announce its initial program agenda for the upcoming GENIVI All Member Meeting & Community Days which will be held May 9-11, 2017 in Birmingham, UK. Program highlights include:

  • Smart City Collaboration & Big Data – Explore how connected vehicles and the data they provide can be used as important assets to improve current and future transportation systems managed by cities, regions, and countries. 
  • Technical Tracks – GENIVI will be hosting a variety of technical tracks including
  • GENIVI Components at Work: Working sessions focused on using and improving platform components including IVI Layer Management and Diagnostic Log and Trace.                   
  • Application Framework and UI: Sessions include:
  • Application Framework and Inter App Communications Updates
  • GENIVI App Framework APIs in Action – A Case Study
  • Integration of the Chromium Browser in the GENIVI Platform
  • Update on the Open Source Browser Space                                   
  • GENIVI Development Platform (GDP): Sessions include:
  • Baseline Integration Team Update with an Introduction and Meta-ivi-test BoF
  • GDP / SOTA Update                              
  • Security Training: Training topics will cover existing vulnerabilities, how to hack a binary, secure coding guidelines, static code analysis, software and hardware security technologies, and threat models.                   
  • Development Support: Sessions include a tool team workshop on component specification along with Franca and GENIVI IT-infra updates.         
  • New Frontiers: Sessions include:
  • Using Auditory Displays for Automotive Safety, Guidance and Entertainment Applications
  • From Annotations to Autonomous Driving
  • From Drones to the Vehicle Motion Abstraction 
  • Other Featured Sessions – Many questions will be asked and answered as we explore the following topics:
  • Future of IVI in a Connected World 
  • How Edge Computing Can Transform Data Usage in Automotive 
  • Industry analysts will cover the Automotive Tech Revolution and Its Impact along with the Convergence of Telecom and Automotive Industries



Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham, UK / Birmingham ICC 

2 Bridge Street

Birmingham, UK B1 2JZ

Tel: +44 121 643 1234 



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