Membership Value

GENIVI members enjoy a collaborative, innovation-building environment producing a reusable, feature-rich software platform and an expanding ecosystem for infotainment in the car.

GENIVI has enabled a fundamental change in the approach to IVI software development. By introducing Linux and open-source software into the IVI platform, GENIVI has fundamentally altered the way the automotive software process works, resulting in lower cost and reduced development and validation cycle time.

Automakers (OEMs)

  1. Reusable software platform that allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver differentiating features and functions to their customers
  2. Platform that can be used across multiple product years and multiple models within a single year
  3. Lower OEM development and validation costs
  4. Compliance program that ensures products from suppliers meet OEM requirements and adhere to standard mechanisms for supplying non-differentiating services to the application and user interface layers of the software stack.

Software Suppliers to OEMs

  1. Collaborative development environment that reduces engineering burden on any single member
  2. Opportunities for learning and interaction with industry experts
  3. Tools for a continuous build environment reduces costs for in-company integration and test environments
  4. Opportunities to build operational efficiency through partnerships with other GENIVI members
  5. Access to cutting-edge industry specifications
  6. Ability to cost-effectively evangelize the merits of a community development environment through GENIVI branding and marketing.


  1. Expanded industry influence through the "single voice" of the alliance
  2. A “build once and reuse” model that maximizes reusability of the platform
  3. Supplier ability to re-allocate engineering talent to differentiating features since “commodity” functionality is covered by the GENIVI platform
  4. Richer features and functions delivered to the customer while providing a competitive advantage for the OEMs
  5. Aligned automotive and consumer electronic product cycles, resulting in greater “plug-ability” of recently released consumer devices.

End Customer (Driver)

  1. Access to the “latest and greatest” consumer devices
  2. Advanced functions and features
  3. Full functionality for drivers at a reasonable cost