Automotive Software Challenges

Automaker's today are increasingly adding more software into their new product lines and consumers are demanding more from their vehicles. In order to remain competitive, the automotive industry must keep pace with the forces of change taking place in the in-vehicle infotainment and connected car arena and GENIVI can help automakers stay ahead of this curve.

Specifically, there are multiple challenges that automakers and their suppliers face as they deliver the latest consumer requested functionality in their automobiles. Some of these challenges include:

  • Managing the growing complexity and cost of IVI and connected car product development
  • Increasing the development speed of IVI and connected car products
  • Deploying the next generation of connected infrastructure while enabling the best transportation experience for consumers
  • Keeping and expanding their customer base

The primary goal of GENIVI is to reduce these challenges and assist automakers and their suppliers with responding to industry and consumer needs in the following ways:

Open Source Development Model

With the successful introduction of the GENIVI open source development model into the automotive industry, GENIVI is helping automakers manage the growing complexity and cost of developing IVI and connected car software. GENIVI individual software components and reusable platform provide automakers and their suppliers the tools to perform rapid prototyping and to quickly develop and deliver IVI systems that match consumer requests.

Flexible Definition of In-car Systems

GENIVI takes an approach that allows for flexible definition of IVI and connected car systems aligning to the needs and expectations of an automaker's customers. GENIVI doesn't prescribe solutions but instead allows the automaker to build what they believe will best meet their customer's requirements.

Business Model Evolution & Collaborative Environment

From its earliest beginnings, GENIVI has recognized the unique relationship between automakers and suppliers and understood that automakers need to maintain control of their technology, branding and business model. GENIVI fully supports many business models and supply chain configurations which grant automakers maximum flexibility to build their partnership and supply chains in a way that aligns to their preferred business model.

Reuse of Components & Redeployment of Solutions

Utilizing the GENIVI open source development model allows the reuse of components and redeployment of solutions across model and product lines and avoids the high cost of royalty fees.


GENIVI is an organization that is accelerating innovation within the automotive ecosystem through start-ups, academia and pilots to rapidly deliver the features consumers want in vehicles.