Frequently Asked Questions about GENIVI Projects

What is a GENIVI Project?

A GENIVI Project represents a community of developers that are collaboratively developing one or more
components that may be of some value to the automotive software ecosystem. The (component) code
for some projects is specifically mentioned in the GENIVI Compliance specification while other code may
be a proof-of-concept or for more general automotive purposes. In some cases, the code developed
may also be useful to other industries besides automotive.

Why is GENIVI hosting Projects?

A portion of GENIVI’s mission is to advance the usage of open source software, including Linux, in the
automotive ecosystem. While there are many foundations or general hosting sites where GENIVI could
put its development code, we wanted to bring together the automotive ecosystem and produce
community specifically for automotive software. We believe that hosting open source projects for
automotive code will provide a channel for engagement by GENIVI members, non-members, and
individuals who develop automotive software.

Who can participate in GENIVI Projects?

Participation in all GENIVI Projects is open to anyone. Each project has a mailing list on which any
subscriber may contribute requirements, submit patches, identify bugs, and comment on topics relevant
to the project. Project code can be downloaded from the project and bugs may be filed to the project’s
bugzilla instance.

How can I get code into an existing GENIVI Project?

Generally, code is updated through patches submitted to the project’s email list and approved by the
project maintainer. Patches must be contributed by one of two contribution models described at

How can I start a new Project?

GENIVI considers proposals for new projects on a regular basis. At a minimum, new projects must have
a base of code, a committed maintainer, an active community of developers (more than just the
maintainer), and a preferred FOSS license. To submit a proposal for consideration, see the instructions at

Must the Project code be related to automotive functionality?

The value of open source software is that is existing code can sometimes be reused in a variety of
industry contexts. While GENIVI’s Projects are primarily centered on automotive functionality, you may
have code that with some enhancement could be valuable to the automotive industry as well. If so, we welcome you to complete the GENIVI Project Proposal Form found at with a description of how enhancements to your code could benefit the automotive market.

My code is hosted elsewhere. Should I consider moving it to a GENIVI Project?

GENIVI employs an “upstream first” model of code development. If your code is already hosted in a
collaborative development environment, it is probably better to encourage GENIVI’s involvement in that
upstream project. GENIVI considers proposals for transferring the code development activities into
GENIVI projects, but the reasons for doing so must be compelling.

What FOSS license is used in GENIVI Projects?

Each project identifies the FOSS license it will use for the code. Patches submitted must align to that
selected FOSS license. Different GENIVI projects may use different FOSS licenses. GENIVI has a License
Policy document which is used to determine (and confirm) license choices. GENIVI employs many
different FOSS licenses in its code development activities.